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  1. Tony Neville
    1 year ago

    Hi Kieran
    The Evening Value Service looks interesting but in my view follows to closely after Flat Jockey Profits. I think that like myself a lot of punters will wait to see how Flat Jockey Profits pans out over say 2 or 3 weeks – and then decide whether to commit to the Evening Value Service. It is nothing personal – just the result of being conned by horseracing tipsters in the past.

    As a matter of interest – I started Flat Jockey Profits on Monday last with 2 selections, Tuesday with 4 selections, and today with 3 selections. Of the total of 9 selections – none have won – so the strike rate so far is 0%. Not a good start.

    • makeyour
      1 year ago

      Hi Tony

      Thanks for your comment.
      As you say, not been a great start for FJP – there was a winner on Friday but apart from that and a couple of very big priced placed selections, it’s been a trying few days for those.
      The Evening Value Service, however, has a huge history of proven profitability in live conditions as opposed to Flat Jockey Profits which is just a piece of research looking at past jockey trends. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be losing runs with EVS as well but it does mean that you can bet the EVS selections with complete confidence that they work and have been profitable in real betting for nearly 7 years.

      Hope that helps and thanks again for your comment!



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